We chose Holy Cross because we felt the school was developmentally appropriate with a balance of academics and play. There is a kind and sensitive community of adults meeting basic needs (naps, snacks, etc.) and leading kids through games and art. The hours are very accommodating and the tuition is very reasonable. Our son enjoys singing, art activities, and playing with his peers. He also enjoys library time and visits from the Bookmobile. The greatest benefits are the socialization, religious education, exposure to art, and academics. We really appreciate the weekly newsletters, the school events and performances, field trips, and thematic design of the curriculum.
-The Bumgardner Family

I chose Holy Cross because of the warm people and atmosphere. The Director made me and my children feel so comfortable. I liked how easy going and relaxed the environment is but at the same time providing just the right amount of structure and discipline. I love the Bookmobile and the playground. I love coming in at the end of the day. My boys are so excited to show me all their cool crafts they made. The greatest benefit has been a stable environment that is consistent every day. My boys have learned so much by being at Holy Cross.
-Jennifer Castro

I chose Holy Cross honestly because of its location. We tried the “big” preschools and they didn’t work for us. We liked that it is smaller and close to home. The staff is friendly and always willing to help. Our daughter loves library, playing outside, singing all the songs especially “If I Were a Butterfly,” and her class friends. When our daughter comes home singing “If I Were a Butterfly” or any other song, it sure beats what she was singing before. And when she says her prayers for dinner she always does one she learns at school. It melts my heart. I’m really impressed with Holy Cross. I enjoy the staff and I feel comfortable dropping my child off there.
-Robert & Brandy Fairbanks

On our first visit the school was inviting, interactive, and fun. My daughter showed no hesitations, as everyone was so friendly and helped her fit in right away. The teachers and staff are interactive with the children and parents. There are always great activities that help the kids learn, build confidence, and have fun! My daughter loves going to the library and Bookmobile. She proudly presents a new book every week for us to read at home. The greatest benefit for our family is the feeling of security with the school. I know she is safe, learning, and happy, and she knows she will always have fun. I highly recommend this school. It is a great place for children just starting preschool to adjust, grow, learn, and have fun!
-Crystal Gist

I chose Holy Cross School Preschool & Kindergarten because the price was reasonable, there was afterschool care with pick-up, and classroom size was small. I like the exposure to a religious education, and the feeling of community from staff and volunteers. I feel as though the people genuinely care about the kids, not the money. My daughters like socializing with other children, swinging on the swing, and learning in the classroom. They also enjoy the field trips. The greatest benefit is that my kids have a knowledge of who Jesus is, who God is and that He loves us. My kids come home singing and happy.
-Cecilia Gutierrez

I chose Holy Cross because of family at church and school, cost, and location. What I like best is the teacher/student ratio, involvement of teachers and staff, and the interaction between students and teachers. My daughter’s favorite part of school is singing time, playtime, basically all of her day! She always looks forward to going to school! The greatest benefit has been that my daughter has learned how to interact better with others. I really like how my daughter’s teacher talks to me about her progress or setbacks. It’s easy to see the teacher’s interest in all her kids! I also love going on outings with the children!
-Mike Hilty

We chose this school because of the loving staff and the Christian environment. We also knew this was the school for our son because of the warm, safe, and joyful feeling we got the first time we walked down the hall! We like that our son loves going to school. On days he does not attend, we feel like he is missing out. Holy Cross has such a variety of activities each day that we know he is learning something new! Our son loves playing on the playground with his friends. Every day he comes home with stories about their imaginary play whether it is imaginary puppies, cooking in the house, or turning the play structure into a pirate ship. Our greatest benefit as parents has been to watch our son develop emotionally, socially, and academically. Our son’s greatest benefit has been interacting with peers and building relationships with his teachers. Our son is a better person because he attends Holy Cross, and we know that what he is learning here will help him be successful in his future.
-Jenny & Tim Kuwazaki

As an elementary school teacher and former preschool teacher, I know that a quality preschool program is essential to a child’s success in Kindergarten (and beyond). When it was time to look for a preschool for my son, I was worried that I wouldn’t find the right program to meet my needs. Luckily, we found Holy Cross Lutheran Preschool! I chose Holy Cross because of small class size, location, reasonable price, playground, and Christ-centered environment. What I like best is the small class size, caring teachers and staff, and no combining of classes when enrollment is low. The favorite part of my son’s day is Jesus time, chapel, and outdoor play. The greatest benefit for my child has been learning, learning, learning – vocabulary, Bible knowledge, pre-reading skills, and number knowledge. We love it!
-Jennifer Newton

I chose Holy Cross because I feel that Holy Cross offers everything my family and I need for preschool. I love the staff and could not ask for more. My daughter has shown a lot of improvement in her social skills thanks to Holy Cross! My daughter loves playing outside and enjoys her teachers. I would like to thank the staff at Holy Cross for providing excellent care and safety for my daughter. Thank you guys!
-K. Nguyen

I chose Holy Cross because it was Christian based and I wanted my daughter to have a good foundation as she started preschool. I love that all of the teachers are friendly and really seem to enjoy their job. My daughter loves the “helper bears” and getting to choose a special job in class. We love to hear our daughter tell us about her day. The songs, the library, her friends, Jesus time – she is excited every day about it all! The Director really spent time with me as I was trying to decide the best schedule for our family. Her love of the school and her enthusiasm is what made Holy Cross #1 on my preschool list. And then we met my daughter’s teacher when we didn’t think it could get much better! We love them both! All of the staff is great, but these two are very special to us!
-A. Osborne

At first I loved the school’s location being so close to my job so I decided to look into the program further. My final decision was based on meeting the teachers and staff. I think the staff and teachers make Holy Cross the great school that it is. They are all very friendly, caring, and informative. Also, for us busy mom’s they offer convenient conference times that are scheduled by phone or in person to discuss my child’s progress in school.
The staff and teachers take the time to know your child, teach and encourage fun activities such as reading, art, singing, and pretend play. Having them learn about God and Jesus is a beautiful thing too while learning how to respect each other. My daughter’s favorite part of her day is spending time with her friends and the friendly staff and caring teachers. At first my daughter was shy going to school, now this is like her second home. She especially loves art and library day. She is always excited to show me all her masterpieces and the next book we will read together.

The greatest benefit is that the team at Holy Cross will work with the parent and child to make sure everyone is comfortable with the care and education being provided. They go above and beyond. For instance, my little one unfortunately was in a cast for about three weeks due to some bullying outside of the school. I was told by the doctor’s office that more than likely my child would not be cared for by her childcare provider. It was the total opposite at Holy Cross. They welcomed her with open arms and even brought in a wheel chair for her to be mobile around the school. I was very thankful for all they did.

It would have been nice to have Holy Cross available for my two older children. They have had good daycare, but not GREAT daycare, which is what Holy Cross is to me.
-Mrs. Perdomo

We were referred to Holy Cross by a friend and could not be happier. Our daughter generally has a hard time transitioning to new places. On our tour, she immediately left our side and was excited about this school. We love that our child is loved and cared for by each teacher. She goes to a safe school that encourages positive character traits such as caring and manners; as well as teaches the preschool curriculum in a fun and effective way. Our daughter loves the learning activities that are done through play. For example, she loved learning shapes by building with various blocks and shaving cream. She also loves library and music. The structure and positive character traits have encouraged my child to be patient and control her emotions. Being an elementary school teacher I’m thrilled to know she is already passing kindergarten 1 and 2 standards. We cannot say enough about this school. They work hard to educate each child as well as include families into the school life at least once a month. There is nothing more exciting to see than your child loving and learning at school.
-S. Soares

I chose Holy Cross because it was a Lutheran-based preschool with a small student:teacher ratio. What I love best is all the staff and various activities for the children. The staff makes themselves readily available to address any questions or concerns and consult with parents in a supportive way. In addition to a consistent daily routine, new activities and field trips are incorporated all the time, adding interest to my child’s eyes. Both of our sons attended Holy Cross and I am glad to have found a place where I feel they get one of the best preschool educations, in academic, as well as social and developmentally appropriate preparation for school.
-Carmen Stitt

I chose Holy Cross Preschool & Kindergarten because it’s well organized, has a professional staff and friendly environment, and is very clean. I like that all staff pay close attention to children! My daughter’s favorite part of her day is singing songs, music, and story time. The greatest benefit is that my daughter is learning and playing. The school is awesome, we love it!
-Tammy Vu

I chose Holy Cross School Preschool & Kindergarten because of the religious foundation, facilities, cost, staff, and kindergarten program option. I like the wonderful supportive staff, big playground, church support (i.e. chapel and secret pals), communication, and special events. My son’s favorite parts of his day include playground time, library, and art. The greatest benefit is the religious connection, fair tuition, love of learning and staff, and peace of mind. We really appreciate how the staff makes connections to each child. The children at Holy Cross feel loved by God and adored by the staff.
-Jessica Wickwire

We feel so blessed and fortunate to have found Holy Cross Preschool. Our three year old daughter has been attending the preschool programs there since she was just two years old, and we have felt confident every day that she’s been in the very best possible environment. The staff is loving and consistent, the facility is gorgeous and the teacher:child ratios are the lowest that we found. The curriculum is very clearly delivered and shared with the families of the children, and at three and a half, we feel like our daughter is practically ready for Kindergarten! Also very important to our family is the Christian environment provided at this preschool; at Holy Cross, our daughter is encouraged to develop the same values of love and kindness to others that we hope to instill in her at home. The support of the entire congregation of the church is evident in all the special things it does for the children of the preschool. Holy Cross really provides everything a child needs to develop a joy of learning as well as practical skills needed for transition to grade school…there is art, chapel, library time, gardening, music and academics, all balanced in a way that gently introduces the children into an understanding of the flow and structure of a school day. We’ve experienced other area preschools with our older children and in our opinion, none can compare to the programs at Holy Cross!
-S. Bratkovich